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This section is dedicated to all existing and new coaches, volunteers, league safe, managers, referees, linesman, first aid officers, and duty officials of North Lakes Kangaroos Rugby League Club.


Here you will find helpful links and resources to assist in your ongoing development as a volunteer. Your respective coaching or referee coordinators will provide educational sessions designed specifically for you throughout the season. Sessions could include alternative or new game plan strategies, people management strategies, and alternative styles of teaching. 


Here at North Lakes Kangaroos we are committed to ensuring we have the best people available. Our emphasis is on development of people, not a win at all cost attitude. Remember, rugby league is a simple game, it doesn't need to be complicated, however sometimes as volunteers we need to learn different skillsets to get that message across.


Here at North Lakes Kangaroos centre you'll find relevant resources to help assist you in getting the best out of your team and players. We pride ourselves in developing quality coaches, whether you're a first time, existing or returning coach, you'll find helpful links and development programs.


The Coach accreditation courses are designed to provide coaches with the most contemporary evidence-based knowledge that will assist them to implement positive age-appropriate coaching environments. To become accredited coaches will need to complete an age group specific eLearning Course, followed by a Face to Face Coaching Workshop.


There has never been a more important time to help get community rugby league back up and running again and that’s why we’re asking everyone to play their part to unite and assist at their local club as volunteers. There's a number of administration courses that can help you as a manager and we will be there to assist you every step of the way.


League Safe Trainers and First Responders are vital in the safety, health and well-being of Rugby League players at all levels of the game. 


The NRL League First Aid course teaches participants the basic principles of first aid in a Rugby League environment. There are also sports trainer courses for L1 and L2.


Refereeing has a great significance to our game, in fact we can't play without them! We're challenging you to put your hand up and make the call and join our team.

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