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This section is dedicated for quick access to documentation, forms and online portals used by the North Lakes Kangaroos Rugby League Club volunteers. Here you will find helpful links and resources to assist you in your registration as a volunteer.


Download and complete the necessary form/s, or complete your registration applications online and submit to the club or the appropriate entity as soon as possible.


Here at North Lakes Kangaroos we are committed to ensuring we have the best resources available. If you find that we don't have what you are looking for please feel free to contact us.

Documents / Forms / Online Portals

Download, complete, or submit. If you're having difficulty completing the forms please feel free to contact us.

Club Handbook

Thank you for your commitment for the North Lakes Kangaroos Rugby League Club for this season. Within this folder you will find information to assist you with the upcoming season. If you have any questions or require any further information, please contact the Executive Committee.

Blue Card

The Queensland Rugby League wish to advise participants about important changes to the blue card system.

The modifications will commence on August 31, 2020, and will affect applicants, card holders and organisations.

One of the key changes is the ‘No Card, No Start’ law which stipulates that you cannot work or volunteer in a position requiring a Blue Card until your application is approved.

League Safe Application

The LeagueSafe course is an online safety awareness course, designed to help create a safe, healthy and fun Rugby League environment and outlines the role and responsibilities of the LeagueSafe Trainer during a game. The LeagueSafe course reinforces that the LeagueSafe Trainer is only allowed to provide water to players and to assist with the interchange process.


Coaching can be the most challenging and rewarding experiences you can have. As a coach, you can have a positive impact on the overall development of each player and enrich their lives both on and off the field. So whether you are starting coaching journey or looking to learn more we have the resources to help you and your team.


There has never been a more important time to help get community rugby league back up and running again and that’s why we’re asking everyone to play their part to unite and assist at their local club as volunteers.


Refereeing has a great significance to our game and we're challenging you to put your hand up to make the call and join our team. Turn your passion for Rugby League into a profession that helps you stay fit, earn and learn on the job.

Rugby League Clearance Form

A Clearance is the movement of a player/match official from one club/association to another and is mandatory for every player and match official who wishes to change clubs/associations.

A Permit is the process required for a player/match official to participate between two clubs/associations in the same season. 

First Aid

The NRL League First Aid course teaches participants on the basic principles of first aid in a Rugby League environment. The course will qualify participants to perform the First Responder role for the under 6's to under 15's age groups on game day in Community Rugby League in accordance with the NRL On-Field Policy.  

Incident Report

This form is to be completed by the Secretary/Senior Duty Official of the Club at which the incident occurred immediately after the incident and forwarded to the RLB office within 48 hours of the incident occurring.

Lower Division

The 18 month registration policy provides an opportunity for players who are born between July and December to register in the year level immediately below their calendar grouping. To promote ongoing participation and personal development, this initiative specifically targets children who may be new to the game, late developers or children who lack confidence.

Fair Play Vouchers Application

Parents, carers or guardians can apply for a voucher valued up to $150 for their child, which can be used towards sport and active recreation membership, registration or participation fees with registered activity providers.

There is a limit of 1 voucher per child per calendar year.

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